Meal Planning Made Easy! – April 4, 2016

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Meal Planning Made Easy! – April 2016

Date: April 4, 2016

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Location: Ladner Baptist Church – 5624 Ladner Trunk Road, Ladner, BC

Meal planning can be made easy! Join our Registered Dietitian, Katie Huston and gain hands-on experience in the kitchen to improve your skills, confidence, creativity and inspiration in the kitchen and learn the art of meal planning!

Lack of time (especially during the work week) and getting bored of the same old meals are two reasons that some of us struggle with planning healthy meals for the week. Katie will help you learn some basics of healthy meal planning skills and then put it to practice and make a meal to enjoy, plus a few meals to take home to have during the week.

If you have any questions about the class prior to purchasing, please contact Katie Huston, RD at 604-283-7827 or katie@alongsideyou.ca.

**Please note, we need a minimum of 8 participants to run the class. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to lack of attendance, and will provide a full refund if this is necessary. We will attempt to give as much notice as possible.**



Nutrition Month News

nutrition month

Nutrition Month

An Introduction by Katie Huston, RD

Did you know that March is Nutrition Month? Every March, Registered Dietitians across Canada promote healthy eating during a fun, themed campaign to help Canadians make healthy food choices. This year’s theme is taking a “100 meal journey” and making small changes, one meal at a time. The Dietitians of Canada have organized a national nutrition month for many years and we are excited to be a part of it this year at Alongside You! Making changes in our eating habits and nutrition can be a challenge, and we’re hoping that this month we can help make it a little easier for you. What’s one of the biggest pitfalls of making changes?

Too often when we try to make changes, whether its changes to our eating habits or exercise routines, or something entirely different, we tend to set goals that are too high and ultimately unrealistic. If we set smaller more attainable goals and aim to make easier, smaller changes, these changes are more likely to stick! Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that some of the changes we want to make are too easy, too simple, or not signifiant. This is completely untrue! While it may take a little longer than you might want, smaller changes are much easier to make and are much more likely to happen and stay for the long haul. Think about it, any positive change that you make won’t be as beneficial to your health if you can’t stick with it!

This March at Alongside You we are celebrating Nutrition Month by sharing an inspirational tip and photo every day to give you some ideas of what these small, achievable changes towards healthier eating habits could look like.  Whether you want new healthy recipe ideas, help and guidance with portion sizes, or want to make healthier choices at restaurants, there is something for everyone this Nutrition Month.  This March, join us and take the pledge to take a 100 meal journey and let’s see where it leads us!

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