Education Support

Reading Intervention and Executive Function Coaching for Students Ages 12 to 18

What Are Education Support Services?

Education Support Services include Reading Intervention and Executive Function Coaching for students ages 12 to 18. We offer these services to all students, with particular expertise in educational support for students with:

    • Specific Learning Disorder (SLD)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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We also offer Psychoeducational Assessments for students K – 12. Click here to learn more.

Reading Intervention

For students with reading difficulties, word reading and reading comprehension skills may require something more. Specific reading intervention that is individualized to your child’s strengths and weaknesses is always best, rather than one-size-fits-all reading instruction that can leave your child without adequate instruction. Instead, more intensive, direct, and systematic intervention in phonics-based and context-based reading skills helps to make tangible gains in skill development, producing a more confident and capable reader which in turn, fosters higher learning levels both in school and beyond.

Executive Function Coaching

Executive skills are the thinking processes that are required to:

  • Plan and organize activities
  • Get started on tasks
  • Manage time
  • Sustain attention and focus
  • Set and follow through with goals
  • Evaluate their own progress and flexibly make adjustments as needed.
  • As tweens and teens begin to resist instruction from their parents in learning these skills, coaching is an option many parents turn to. Executive Function Coaching serves as a waystation between kids relying on being managed by their parents and being able to function independently. It is an approach that is well-suited to helping teens grow the executive skills they need in order to become the independent, self-sufficient individuals that they can become.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

A psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to gain a deeper understanding of a child’s learning strengths and challenges. It involves a series of standardized tests, observations, and interviews to assess various cognitive, academic, and emotional factors. The goal of a psychoeducational assessment is to provide valuable insights into how a child learns and processes information. This information helps parents, educators, and clinicians develop tailored strategies and interventions to support the child’s emotional and academic growth.


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