Collaborative Divorce Coaching

What is Collaborative Divorce?


Collaborative divorce is a process designed to avoid litigation through the divorce process and collaborate on a mutually agreed upon resolution. According to the Collaborative Roster Society of BC, approximately 97% of divorces in BC settle before reaching the courts. Once the process reaches the courts, however, it is governed by the processes involved and becomes very complicated, often contentious, and costly.

The Collaborative Divorce process starts from the assumption that most cases will settle and the court-driven process is not needed. Instead all parties agree to participate in a collaborative process to seek a beneficial outcome for all. The collaborative professionals involved assist each party in areas of negotiation, legal advice, financial matters, full disclosure, communication skills, and a safe and respectful environment to participate in the process.

There are four collaborative professionals typically involved in the process. These professionals are:

  • Lawyers trained in the collaborative process and mediation
  • Divorce coaches
  • Child Specialists
  • Financial Specialists

All four specialists work as a team to assist the parties through the collaborative process.

What Is The Role Of A Collaborative Divorce Coach?

Collaborative Divorce Coaches are licensed mental health professionals who have been trained both in the collaborative process, and in mediation in addition to their training in mental health. The coaches have specialized skills in communication, conflict resolution, and emotion regulation. They work with clients individually, as well as in four-way meetings with the other coach and partner. Collaborative Divorce Coaches assist each partner using brief, goal-oriented and solution-focused methods that are specifically designed for the collaborative divorce process. They help the partners with communication, as well as with parenting plans.

What Is The Role Of A Child Specialist?

Child specialists, like a Collaborative Divorce Coaches, are licensed mental health professionals who have been trained both in the collaborative process, mediation, and in working with children and families. The child specialist focuses entirely on the child and their concerns throughout the collaborative divorce process. Their role is to give the child a voice, and bring their concerns to the rest of the team and advocate for the child while acting as a consultant for the parents and the other professionals. They also assist in the development of the parenting plan to ensure that the concerns of the child are addressed.

The Collaborative Divorce Process At Alongside You

At Alongside You, we provide Collaborative Divorce Coaching and Child Specialists in Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen and the surrounding areas of Greater Vancouver in an effort to aid families going through the divorce process. While the process of divorce is straining on all parties, our belief is that Collaborative Divorce provides the best opportunity for success for families, and particularly, for children in most situations. Our Collaborative Divorce Coaches will work with you and your Collaborative Divorce team to work towards the best outcome for your family as you separate.

All of our Collaborative Divorce Coaches and Child Specialists are Registered Clinical Counsellors with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

If you’re looking for help through your process, we highly recommend the Collaborative Divorce method and will be glad to work with you, and your Collaborative Divorce team of professionals.


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