During the holiday season, there are many commercials that pull our attention to items we may want or need, each product or item promising to make our lives easier and better.  One of my favourite commercials is the Ikea commercial where the woman is advertising the “deals,” she is getting, and as the car is loaded up with her purchases, she yells to her partner, “Start the car!  Start the car!”  Essentially, she is communicating let’s go before they find out we got these items at a ‘steal of a price.’

This Ikea commercial reminds me of counselling. Clients come in with a list of concerns and problems, needing relief from pain, as well as desiring a better life. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want this? Sometimes individuals know what they want, and other times they may need someone to walk alongside them to clarify their goals. Sometimes it’s a mixture of both. And sometimes you leave the store with more items than you actually wanted – but didn’t know you needed! 

Counselling can be the same way. Sometimes you know what you want to discuss, and other times you only know that something is missing and you just do not know what it is just yet. This is where talking with a counselling professional can be helpful. Yet, counselling is not without risk nor is it without reward. The risk may be coming in and talking with someone for the first time; it may be being vulnerable, learning to trust someone; it may be admitting that your life is not Instagram perfect – despite what the pictures reveal. The risk in counselling can leave us feeling open and fearful that someone may know the ‘real me.’  Yet when we increase our capacity of awareness and have someone safe alongside the journey, someone who accepts you as you are, the path may seem more bearable to make changes, gain confidence, and forge forward. 

Individuals and families have the opportunity to leave with mental clarity, heart-wholeness, and awareness of themselves and others that pays dividends in their lives. It’s a steal of a deal! My hope is that in the year to come, you’ll give yourself, and your family the gift of being known, living whole, and creating meaningful lives. 

Although I cannot see Ikea opening a counselling office for their shoppers, I can see hope for individuals, families, and communities as we shop for mind and heart essentials.  Connect with me if you would like to go over your shopping list for your life! 


Kezia is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with Alongside You in Delta, B.C. where she serves children to become more resilient, adults to strengthen their relationships, and families to grow their connections, all in the hopes to bring freedom and healing from pain, disillusionment, and addictions.  She is also an avid shopper for fashion accessories (purses, shoes, and fashion), adventure (flying planes, live sporting events, and food), and life essentials (love, joy, and connection)