This week in Open Studio Sessions – Styrofoam Printmaking

styrofoam printmaking

Styrofoam Printmaking!

Using something as ordinary as styrofoam can create intricate and layered images, simply by carving into it. Roll on paint and press! Layer designs and colors to create full-sized prints or even a set of cards.

Hope to see you there!

styrofoam printmaking

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This week in Open Studio Sessions – Beading

beads art studio ladner bc

It’s all about the Beads!

In the studio this week, it’s all about BEADS! We will be learning about basic beading supplies, tools, and other ornament material you need to get yourself started. Beading techniques will be reviewed: how to string and secure beads, how to plan out patterns, how to create beads using paper and even how to design your very own printed pendants using air-drying clay and paint.

Come and make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets along with other beaded crafts such as bookmarks, sun catchers and meditation strands. Its fun and easy and perfect for any age and skill because with a few basic tools and a variety of beautiful beads you can make something special for someone else, or create something unique for yourself.

This week in Open Studio Sessions – Creative Writing

creative writing art journaling

Carve out a reflective space and create the right environment

Create a creative and healing environment for yourself: Do not underestimate the power of interior decorating! Surrounding yourself with inspiring artwork, writing and decor can help lower stress, alleviate the burden of chronic disease and chronic pain, and can even enhance patient care while in hospital and even lead to earlier discharge.

No wonder there is big business in hospital renovation and beautification projects! British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital is currently calling all artists to decorate and inject art throughout the new hospital. Push the laptop aside and replace it with a nice container of coloured pencils for sketching, replace an empty wall with an art piece that brings you joy every time you look at it! Carve out a special spot of your own that will help you be creative! Make it a place that you will be drawn to, be creative in it, and find reflection, rejuvenation, and relaxation. Adding cool tones to a space such as green, pink and light purples and blues brings relaxation, while oranges and reds are energizing. However you choose to create your space, remind yourself that this space is your safe space to engage with your own thoughts and emotions.

3 Ways To Start Your Own Self-Reflection

Why not introduce yourself to creative writing and enjoy the self-reflective and stress-relieving benefits of it! Here are three ways to start your own reflective process:

  1. Draw or write your anxieties on a chalkboard or white-board then wipe the slate clean! The act of expressing your cares, seeing them in front of you and washing them away can be very therapeutic!
  2. Focus on a motivational message, quote, poem, or favourite passage. What will uplift you? Learn it by heart, write it out, or draw out an image reflecting what it means to you. Write it on a sticky note and post it everywhere: your fridge, car, bathroom mirror. Revisit your quote throughout the week, especially when you feel down. Incorporate it into an art piece by drawing, sketching and painting it! Here is a link to some ideas!
  3. Start a journal. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. Having a place to do some creative writing, or to write about your thoughts and life experiences throughout the week allows you to process your emotions, and may help you to see some of your life situations and feelings in a different light. Regular journaling, no matter how mundane the entries, offers a quiet space for you to take time for yourself! Set the tone by seeking out a great journal and pen of your liking to make the activity that much more enjoyable! Add a hot beverage and your quiet time will rock!

3 Ways to start your journey in the studio this week

  1. Do a self-reflective art project: make a collage or a mask! So much of healing comes from self-reflection and building self-confidence. Making pieces such as a self-portrait or art piece using collage materials, or creating a mask out of clay or paper maché are projects that can help us do some soul searching. Be inspired as you go! Tear out words and images from the paper or a magazine that speak to you and arranging them on the page. During the process, a theme often emerges and the final image expresses elements of a message or aspects of us in a visual way.
  2. Try art journalling. If you like journaling but want to add some artistic and visual flare to your pages, try art journaling! Art journaling is more than a passing fad. Many people have found this type of artwork very reflective and rewarding and are passionate producers of beautiful and elaborate pages. Use your favorite poem, short story, or narrative and ask yourself how it can be translated in an interesting way to the page using words and images. Have a look at some examples: no need to be intimidated, art journaling is one’s personal thoughts and dreams in visual form and we have a wide variety of suggestions, prompts, creative journaling project pages waiting just for you! Just select a project page that interests you get started on your version of it! We have a wide variety of materials that can be used in the art journaling process such as watercolour pencils, crayons, or pallets, chalk or oil pastels, fine line coloured pens and sharpies, inks and stamps, multi-media paper products, stencils and templates, and even books and books of visual and literal inspiration! During our open studio sessions we will even give you the best tips and techniques for you to use at home, on the go, and in studio!
  3. Use our creative writing prompts. We have a great selection of writing and drawing prompts geared towards all ages that will keep your hands and mind moving! Write about whimsical things such as a short story that includes a prince, a tractor, and a magical frisbee! Or explore on a deeper level and write about a time when you truly felt yourself. Then you can really start to explore what motivates you to create art, to write, to dance, sing and even be a good friend. No need to share your writing in the studio unless you want to! Your work is yours!


…Write Right Now!