“The greatest gift a mother gives her family is a commitment to her own self-care” Cheryl Richardson.com

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new,” and so in you the child your mother lives on and through your family continues to live… so at this time look after yourself and your family as you would your mother for through you all she will truly never die.”― Osho Shree Rajneish

Caught your interest?  Tell me more you might be asking!

Pre-natal Yoga can provide the tools to access and connect with all the resources you have to birth your baby.  You, as a mother can unite with your breath, body, inner knowing, and the new life you are carrying inside.

Coming to a Pre-natal Yoga class can help you check in with how you are feeling.  Pregnancy can be an isolating experience, so our classes are also a great opportunity to make new mom friends! Aside from the relaxing and the physical experience, your “Mom Tribe” can come together, discuss feelings, fears, release emotions that may be building, and share resources. Pre-natal Yoga is also about building strong, capable, and competent mothers who are preparing to face some of the major changes ahead. The changes may be in relationships, like with the father of your child who may have been enjoying an exclusive relationship with you prior to the 1st born, and now is going to be sharing you with another family member.

What other ways can Pre-natal Yoga help me?

Pre-natal Yoga can provide benefits on every possible level: physical, mental, and spiritual bonding with the baby, balancing hormones, learning pain coping techniques, learning self-regulation through stress reduction and the using your nervous system, and conscious relaxation (relaxation on purpose)!

Practical application of Pre-natal Yoga knowledge

Pre-natal Yoga can help you have a powerful birth experience and help you to feel inspired and empowered, by overcoming fears about the birthing process.  You will learn about contraindicated poses, (whether to avoid or do in a gentler manner) or to avoid altogether. You will learn breathing techniques that can provide pain relief, control energy, teach you to find a focal point, and work synchronistically with the challenges of labor and childbirth, connecting the body and the mind.

But I’ve never done yoga before?

You can safely begin a Pre-natal yoga practice at any point through your pregnancy as long as you have clearance from your care provider.  You will be free to modify your poses with whatever props you want, and your teacher will give you lots of safe options, right up to delivery.

You are not done yet, and you are not alone!

This is just the beginning of your yoga journey.  Once your body has had a chance to recover from delivery, you can progress to your Post-partum Yoga. You might be thinking, “But I have already been through everything, what else is there?”

Delivery of that lovely baby is just the beginning of the journey.  You are now responsible for this new little life.  You may feel a desire to reintegrate with your Post-natal Tribe.  You have all gone through a unique experience, and now have a series of new experiences to come, in common.  You share in a spiritual companionship with other women.  You might build a community of moms, sharing new resources, building confidence in yourselves as moms.  You may be feeling blue, or even mildly depressed, often simply due to lack of sleep, which is not at all uncommon. Not to mention the physical rebuilding of pelvic core strength, regaining core strength and stability.  Repairing your posture, and maybe losing a few pounds.  There are other physical issues you may need to deal with, slight urinary incontinence, diastasis recti abdominus (DRA) which often presents as “Mummy Tummy.” Post-natal Yoga and Pelvic Rehabilitation can continue what you started in Pre-natal Yoga class to help you recover, and be your best in your new life as a Mom!

What better place to unwind, revitalize and “let go” and find that sense of belonging, than in the safe environment of your Post-natal Yoga class, with your fellow moms, your Yoga Tribe.


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We’re celebrating the opening of our new yoga studio by offering Pre-Natal Yoga classes as a 6 week Progressive Series! Pregnancy is a time to keep your workouts fun and safe! Experience with yoga is not necessary.  These classes are fun and educational and are open to all stages of pregnancy.

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