We did it!

We raised $1110.00!!

Thank you South Delta!

We had an amazing time at the Christmas Party and Silent Auction yesterday afternoon. 100% of funds raised go straight to Reach Child and Youth Development Society to benefit their TEENSS Respite Program.

Did I mention we raised $1110.00?

You guys rock! It is only because we are situated in such a supportive community that a small clinic like ours could get a result like this. We’re blown away. We want to thank everyone from South Delta who came out to support this cause, and we want to thank all of our generous donors who made this possible. When Meg and I started Alongside You, this is exactly what we’d hoped for – a clinic that we know can help people through our services, and can work with the community to support others in need. To get this kind of a response from the community after only being open for a few short months is overwhelming to say the least; all we can say is thank you. Thank you for supporting us, and for supporting Reach Child and Youth Development. Their services are so integral to our community, and we look forward to hearing how your generosity is reaching the families in South Delta.

We want to thank all of our amazing donors, so please take a minute to check them all out. They gave so generously, and without hesitating – we are truly lucky to live and work in an area with such supportive small businesses. Please consider shopping with our donors this holiday season – they do so much for our community and we really do need to support them if we want that to continue.

Without further ado, our donors were (in no particular order):

Lawlor Goldsmith Shoppe
The Quilted Bear
Better Still Day Spa
Stir Coffee House
The Corporation of Delta
Honey Stick Threads
Ladner Village Hardware
FINDS Reach’s Children’s Thrift Store
Centre Stage Accessories
South Delta Heels Company
Alongside You (just stating the obvious on this one…)

Again, thank you to everyone that came, donated, supplied auction items, spread the word, and we hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. We sure did!

Until next year!

Andrew and Meg Neufeld, and the staff at Alongside You.