Doing Wonders With Watercolour!


The Different Types

Did you know that there are different kinds of watercolour paints to choose from? There are several types:

  1. Pallets
  2. Traditional cream tubes
  3. Pencils
  4. Crayons
  5. Inks or liquids

Each type of medium can give your work a range of different outcomes, especially when you apply them using various techniques. You can change the look by the amount of diluting that occurs using colour, the use of different brushes, layering colours at different drying stages, and applying colour to a range of watercolour papers. Using a spray bottle with water can disperse the paint and even adding a pinch of salt over your piece can create snowflake droplets, adding texture to your piece.


Using a medium like watercolours allows you to create motion and movement into your work and can be combined with other mediums such as oil pastels, ink, chalk, pen, and oil paint to create amazing multi-media art pieces!

Paul Klee: Watercolour and Multi-Medium Artist

Swiss-born Paul Klee is an artist who has used watercolour to create abstract explorations in Expressionism and Cubism. His travels to Tunisia and his background as a violinist no doubt influenced his work in pattern and colour exploration. You can read more about his biography here on this website.

In Emerging From the Gray of Night (1918), he uses ink and watercolours:

Here, Klee applies watercolour using a spatula in The Future Man (1933):

In Fish Magic (1925), Klee mixes two mediums – oil and watercolour – and covers it in varnish:

Klee uses watercolour on a chalk background in Hermitage (1918):

Klee deliberately layers shades of watercolour as it dries to create degrees of colours in his work Crystal Gradation (1921):


In the Studio This Week

Whether you want to come and explore the multimedia or layering techniques of Paul Klee, the vibrant inks for art journaling pages or prefer to experiment with more muted tones of pallets for composing a landscaping painting, we welcome you to try our vast array of watercolour materials in our art studio! Gentile guidance is available: how to add colour to your page, how to set up a sky, how to paint trees, or even learn how to start calligraphy or adding salt to your pages. Come and join us this week!