affordable counselling

Affordable Counselling at Alongside You

We have always wanted our services to be as accessible to everyone as possible, but we know that our lowest sliding scale rate is sometimes out of reach for many. As a business, we are only able to lower our rates so far and still keep the lights on and the doors open. We actively look for ways to make our services as affordable as possible, and we’ve just created one more option: Masters degree internships.

Counselling Intern now available at Alongside You

We’re please to announce that Kelly Williams, a Masters student from Adler University has started her internship and is available for individuals and couples needing counselling. As a Masters student, she will be under the supervision of Andrew Neufeld, or Executive Director. She will be with us through August 2016 and we couldn’t be happier.

What does this mean for affordability?

Clinical Internships benefit the student and the community in many ways, but one of financial benefits is that counselling is available at much lower rates that would be otherwise feasible. We are able to offer counselling with our interns at the following rates:

$30+GST/hour for individuals and couples

$20+GST/hour for individuals and couples on Persons With Disability benefits or Income Assistance

Our interns are supervised very closely and clients benefit not only from the experience and knowledge of the intern, but also the supervisor. It’s a wonderful arrangement that allows the student to gain the required hours for their program as well as providing a much needed service for the community.

How do I make an appointment to see the intern?

If you would like to see Kelly, please contact her supervisor, Andrew Neufeld through the contact form on the website or by phone at 604-283-7827.