chantelle phillips counselling intern



Counselling Intern


Bachelor’s degree (BA) from Trinity Western University
Master of Counselling (Counselling Psychology) (MC) from Athabasca University (pending)


Special Interests

Anxiety, depression, relationship/marital issues, anger, chronic pain, women’s issues, life direction, grief and loss.


About Rachelle

Rachelle completed her undergraduate degree with the intention of becoming a high school teacher. In her final year in the program, she realized that there was one aspect of the job, in particular, that truly made her come alive—allowing individuals to be heard, known, and empowered to live in wholeness and freedom. Instead of completing her teachers training after university, Rachelle spent many years working with at-risk youth, and eventually embarked on a Masters of Counselling Psychology degree. Rachelle creates a space for clients to experience acceptance, non-judgment, and positive regard; she cares deeply about working alongside clients to pursue healing, wholeness, and hope.


What would Rachelle be doing if she did not pursue the career path she has right now?

If I wasn’t a therapist, I would have honed my skills as a songwriter and composed songs for other artists to perform, all from the comfort of a quiet room with a view of the ocean, and a piano, whilst sipping a good cup of coffee. (Disclaimer: this may or may not be an actual, real job).


How does Rachelle relax when she is outside of work?

I spend time with my husband and our three young boys. Together we enjoy (short) hikes, bike rides, music, food, and being near the ocean. When I am alone I enjoy learning new recipes, playing music, reading non-fiction, and trying to grow vegetables.


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