Louise Wechselberger

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager


When and why did you join Alongside You?

In September 2021 I joined the Alongside You team as the Client Care Lead and have now transitioned into a Business Development role.

I have long admired Andrew and Meg’s leadership at Alongside You and the outstanding contribution and support they have provided to our South Delta community. I first came to know them when I worked at the Delta Chamber of Commerce and they opened their business in Ladner. I’m excited to contribute to their efforts and support our local community through their Integrated Health Care services.


What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

I would be seeking other employment within south Delta. I love Delta! I love building positive relationships with clients, customers and businesses.


How do you relax when you are outside of work?

I am a member of Deas Rowing Club. You’ll see me out on the water a few times in the week. It’s fantastic exercise, great camaraderie, mentally challenging, and so enjoyable to be outdoors throughout the seasons. My husband and I both enjoy rowing. I’m also in my garden and love to grow and tend to my vegetable and flower gardens. I enjoy walking my two dogs in the community. We have several favourite routes all of which allow us to meet the neighbours and other four-legged friends. Could be out cycling, as well, or kayaking in the Slough.


What do you consider the most important value?

Love of neighbour. Respecting and supporting one another throughout life’s journey.