Creative Arts Programs

What is the Creative Arts Program?

Our Creative Arts Programs seeks to come Alongside You and:

  • Offer you an inclusive, welcoming and nurturing space to create art
  • Provide you with a variety of art materials for you to explore your creative interests
  • Encourage, facilitate and assist you artistically

Our Creative Arts Program is designed for EVERYONE! We offer a series of art and crafts programs in our art room where you can experiment with a variety of art supplies and craft materials (paint, pencils, pens, pastels, watercolors, clay, printing, beads, scrapbooking, fiber arts, etc.) based on your comfort level and interests. You don’t need to be an artist to participate. We will be there to give you gentle encouragement and artistic guidance if you want it.

The Benefits of Art as a Leisure Activity

The process of art-making can assist in overcoming many personal challenges, be a valuable tool while managing stress, help in the healing process and rehabilitation of a health issue, foster personal growth and self-worth, and be a way of connecting with others. We hope that through creativity, you will be empowered, have an increased sense of fulfillment, and be encouraged in forming social contacts and friendships.

How does our Creative Arts Program differ from Art Therapy?

While both art therapy and our Creative Arts Program use creative methods to positively impact health, art therapy sessions rely on the therapist/client relationship as a way of discussing the emotional themes brought about in art making sessions.

In our art-making sessions, our Creative Arts Program uses an creative arts facilitator who is there to help you to explore different kinds of art media, your creativity and individuality, promote mindfulness and aide in relaxation, and help you move forward in setting personal goals. Research shows that that intentionally setting aside time to create art at home, attending open art sessions, and socializing has a significant impact on overall health and wellbeing.

If you would like to explore themes or emotional components that arise from your artwork, our counsellors are available and happy to meet with you.

How Our Creative Arts Program Differs From A Typical Art Class

While other community art classes may base their registration on age and creative medium, our Creative Arts Programs will have opportunities for everyone, regardless of age and ability. We believe that both young and old, and those of all abilities and skill levels can learn from each other!

While other classes are based on specific artistic topics such as water colour painting or clay work, our approach allows you to pick and choose, browse and experiment with a variety of materials and activities during our creative arts programs to learn about what you like.

Our Creative Arts Programs will also host sessions for specific groups, acknowledging the unique set of challenges that each group faces as they attempt to participate in community leisure and recreational programs and activities. For these classes, we hope to tailor our art programs and choose appropriate art media, making sure that all of our art activities are accessible and suitable for each group based on their unique set of characteristics and ensure that each class is conducted in a sensitive manner based on respect and compassion.

Some common reasons children, youth, and adults join our classes are:

  • Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness
  • A variety of physical, emotional, and mental disabilities,
  • Mental health difficulties,
  • Developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum, and many others,
  • Seniors services (keeping seniors minds active, addressing early onset dementia, caregiver respite)
  • Relationship enrichment (couples nights)
  • Family development (family days)

Bridging Our Creative Arts Programs and Our Community

Artists and Exhibits

We want to build social skills, self-confidence and create fellowship through our Creative Arts Programs. Program participants will have an opportunity to showcase their work in mini-exhibit art shows/open houses for their families, friends, and our local community. This is a great way for others to see the creative work and expression that is in our midst!

Upon the artists requests, there may be opportunities to purchase some original artwork, a percentage of which would go towards funding some of our programs to help families receive timely and accessible health services.

Community Events

We strive to connect to our community and as such, we will also be hosting a number of community art piece projects where the public will be able to participate in making a communal art piece. We hope to create positive change and healthy communities one art piece at a time!

We are open to hearing from you! What are your needs? What kind of creative arts programming would you like to see? Send us message!