Andie Ursaki

Client Care Manager

Client Care Manager


When and why did you join Alongside You?

I joined Alongside You in July of 2018 as a Receptionist & Administrative Assistant.

When the opportunity arose for me to join this incredible team, there was no doubt in my mind that the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic “Yes!”. After a few years working with these amazing folks, I cannot think of anywhere I would rather spend my days.


What is your day-to-day role at Alongside You?

As the Client Care Manager, I work with our front desk team to help new clients find clinicians and services that are the right fit for them, whatever they may be looking for.

My daily goal is to help our clients feel welcomed, cared for, and heard, and ensure they know how we can help them on their journey to health and wellness.

I also help with general administration around the clinic, and do my best to fill in where ever I’m needed! We’ve often thrown around the title of “Office Ninja” which feels ever-more-true.


What skills do you need for your role at Alongside You?

My role here requires an empathetic ear when speaking with our clients and team members, some impeccable multitasking skills throughout our absolutely-never-boring days, and a determination to keep in mind that my goal is to support folks however I can, as best I can.


What do you love the most about Alongside You?

Out of the very long list of things I love about Alongside You, first and foremost is the people; our clients, our team members, and the folks in our community.


What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

If I wasn’t working at Alongside You, I would want to find a career where I could be outdoors, doing something meaningful.

A National Park Ranger comes to mind, as I have a profound love and appreciation for wild spaces, and strongly desire to protect both our wildlife and ecosystems for future generations.


How do you relax when you are outside of work?

When I’m not at work, I feel happiest and most at peace when I am out among the trees or by the ocean, where the world quiet, natural, and astoundingly beautiful.

Over the last few years especially, I’ve renewed my love of reading. I have made quite a hobby out of doing so as often as I can in beautiful spaces, sometimes in the company of wonderful people.

As an avid plant enthusiast, I love to unwind in the garden or with my many (…many) houseplants. I am also a doting Bunny Mom of two, and there are few ways to relax faster than cuddling a bunny, in my opinion!


What do you consider the most important value? 

I value authenticity and kindness deeply and equally.

I believe that when you are truly and authentically yourself, you will be surrounded with wonderful people and beautiful opportunities.

I also believe that kindness is invaluable for all of us as we walk this world alongside our fellow humans; in other, perhaps lighter, words: Kind people are my kind of people.