Pain in the Arts

Chronic Pain and Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop
Chronic Pain and Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop


Suffering from chronic pain?

Living with chronic pain is an experience shared by many. Because it affects our body, mind, and soul, a multidisciplinary approach to pain is a highly effective way to “reboot” our nervous system, learn productive skills to manage our symptoms, process emotions and help educate others on chronic pain experiences.

This small class setting (3-5 people) is geared towards people over the age of 16 who experience daily chronic pain or prolonged illness, and may include (but is not limited to) people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, migraines, trauma or injury, lupus, Lyme disease and others. We will have COVID-19 safety protocols in place, but please consult with your physician about attending group activities like this one if you have a condition that makes you especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

Packed with creativity activities and relaxing mindfulness meditations, participants will use a variety mediums (collage, paint, ink, journaling, storytelling, drawing) to learn about the science of pain, how mindfulness-based art activities can help reboot the nervous system and how to manage symptoms and process emotions. No art experience is necessary!

Please contact Meg Neufeld for more information by emailing or calling (604) 283-7827 ext. 703.

COVID-19 safety protocols are in place for this workshop, with 4 participants maximum.

Dates & Time: This class is not currently running. Please contact reception at 604-283-7827 ext. 0 or for any inquiries about art classes.

Cost: $400 total, including tax and art supplies, for all 8 sessions. Ages 16+.

Location: Held in our studio at #203 – 4840 Delta Street in Ladner

Registration: This class is not currently running. Please contact reception at 604-283-7827 ext. 0 or for any inquiries about art classes.

Instructor: Meg Neufeld, Co-Founder and Creative Arts Director of Alongside You. Meg has post-secondary training in Fine Arts, Museum Studies, and Cultural Anthropology along with teaching experience at the post-secondary level. In her role as an artist and community-based art facilitator, Meg seeks to make art accessible to people of different abilities, diagnoses and age. With training in Mindfulness Based Art Therapy, she has a particular interest in using art as a pain-management strategy.

What to bring: Please make sure to wear clothes that can get messy! All art products will be provided.

“Art gives a face to the ambiguity of chronic pain…it gives visual expression to something that is often elusive.”
Dr. Steve Feinberg, American Chronic Pain Association


If you are interested joining this class, please call the office at (604) 283-7827 ext. 0 to register!