Pain in the Arts - Request to Register September 2022

Please be aware that completing this form does not ensure you are registered yet. You will be registered in the event that the class or workshop is not full, and that your form is received before the due date. Either way we'll be in touch with more information!

  • Payment

    Online registration for classes and workshops must be paid for by credit card. Please refer to the corresponding workshop or class webpage to find the cost. If you would like to pay using an alternate payment method, please contact our reception at 604-284-7827 ext. 0.
  • You can typically find this number on the back of your credit card.
  • We'd like to gauge everyone's comfort level on whether we wear masks while in our art studio together. With participants who have health issues, we understand that protecting your health may be a top priority for you.Our art studio is a medium sized room, with a maximum of 6 people (which includes the instructor) present.Once we hear from our group we'll let you know the requirements, but please bring a mask to the first session as a precaution.
  • What to Bring:

    Please wear clothes that can get messy!