Trisha Allan




When and why did you join Alongside You?

I joined Alongside You to pursue more of a personal rewarding career experience. I am looking forward to assisting both the Alongside You group and the clients to meet challenges and expectations in a thoughtful and proactive manner.


What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

I have interests in many things, most of which seem to fall under the umbrella of community services. I have considered coaching classes, the administration of tests and working with young adults in the capacity to help them prepare for employment and interview. I also have always been interested in the mediation of relationships in some form. My background is working in law firms, mainly in family law. On a side note, I am also interested in creativity, writing and interior design. At Alongside You, I would be interested to grow in any of these capacities if the opportunity arose to do so.


How do you relax when you are outside of work?

Most of the time out of work, I am tied up with hockey events. If it is not that, I like to visit with friends, family, movies. To relax I meditate, try to work out, and actually like it, kayaking and reading.


What do you consider the most important value? 

To be accountable and honest with yourself even if it takes a while to get there about certain things. To be grateful. I value being mindful and having balance in your life.


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