Meg Neufeld, MA

Meg Neufeld, MA

Co-Founder, Program Director

Meg Neufeld graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies from The University of British Columbia. She has taught both at UBC and Douglas College. Meg’s published work has focused on the issues faced by Northwest Coast First Nations as they navigate in the art market from their local communities. She continues to be interested in local First Nations issues concerning economic growth and development and how socio-cultural roles and rank play out in artistic and other entrepreneurial ventures.


Having a twin sister with a rare form of dwarfism and profound hearing loss has been a driving force behind Meg’s desire to create accessible programs and creative projects for diverse populations and families. Setting up day camps with a heavy emphasis on art as a young teen, working as an art director at a large summer camp, and beginning her first two years at UBC in Fine Arts, Meg has always had a lifelong passion in learning how we make meaning of the world around us by participating in creative art processes. Meg has suffered from chronic pain resulting from a motor vehicle accident and along with her physical rehab, making art and journaling have helped her immensely in pain management and emotional wellbeing. It is through this that Meg understands the importance an individuals’ active involvement in their own health plan. She sees the long-term benefits of using integrated approaches to reach health goals using a variety of methods to create stronger and healthier minds, body, and social relationships.

More recently, Meg has been involved in painting memory keepsake boxes for Richmond Hospital’s Neonatal Unit for families who have lost a child. She has also been part of organizing an annual art day for families who have individuals and children with different needs and abilities through Ladner Baptist Church as well as being a part of the mental health committee. Meg is often asked by the church to produce pieces of art for their seasonal programs. Meg is also a board member of Cedar Springs Health Society acting as Secretary to the board. While she is not gluing feathers or making friendship bracelets with her two daughters, she enjoys reading, bicycling, walking her dog Buttercup, spending time with family while maintaining her own creative arts practice using the mediums of drawing, painting, and mixed media.