Meg Neufeld

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Creative Arts Specialist


Specialties: Therapeutic Arts, Creative Arts Programs


How did Meg begin the journey?

Meg co-founded Alongside You with her husband, Andrew. She wanted to create a place for people with different challenges to access services and care.

Having a twin sister with a rare form of dwarfism and profound hearing loss has been a driving force behind Meg’s desire to create accessible programs and creative projects for diverse populations and families. Setting up day camps with a heavy emphasis on art as a young teen, working as an art director at a large summer camp, and beginning her first two years at UBC in Fine Arts, Meg has always had a lifelong passion for learning how we make meaning of the world around us by participating in creative art processes. Meg has suffered from chronic pain resulting from a motor vehicle accident and along with her physical rehab, making art and journaling have helped her immensely in pain management and emotional wellbeing. It is through this that Meg understands the importance an individuals’ active involvement in their own health plan. She sees the long-term benefits of using integrated approaches to reach health goals using a variety of methods to create stronger and healthier minds, body, and social relationships.


How can Meg help YOU?

Meg runs Open Studio Sessions in our art studio for the public, and works with various groups providing customized art programs based on their needs. She does speaking engagements and writing for the newspaper on topics related to arts and health. She works alongside Andrew developing new programs, networking with other agencies and organizations. She runs outreach events as well for different members of the community (Boys and Girls Club Alternate Program, Fraser Health, Delta Division of Family Practice for example), particularly related to our Step Forward Program (like our Friday Night Knitting Club events). She also works with outside organizations designing and running art related events (such as Ladner Baptist Church’s “Family Fun Craft Day” which provides a place for families that have kids and adult members with various challenges a place to engage in creative activity, in an environment suited to their needs.


Why is Alongside You different from other agencies in Ladner and North Delta?

Being able to provide timely and effective programs for those in our community who may be falling

through the cracks. Bringing people together and creating stronger relationships and families. Meg likes that Alongside You can be responsive to the needs of our community meet these needs in a timely way if we’re able to; and if we’re not, connect them with someone who can.


What is Meg like outside of work?

Meg actually had a previous career where she was an Anthropologist, teaching at UBC and Douglas College. Now Meg is in her second career, which her former career has prepared her well for.

If she was to have another career, it would still be something to do with art. She has a love for fashion, baking, singing, and writing. So maybe Meg would be a baker, making baking in the shape of fashion designs and accessories, and she’d be singing in the kitchen while writing down her recipes and writing her memoirs. Or just all the silly things Andrew and her kids do on a daily basis. Who knows? The possibilities are endless!