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Marcia Moitoso

Counselling Intern

Counselling Intern

About Marcia

I have explored quite a few different paths in my life so far, but eventually, all of these paths converged in my strong desire to work with others as a counsellor.  I spent years travelling countries by bicycle, working on farms and tree planting BC’s coastal forests. I have also lived in several locations throughout both Canada and Chile. These experiences gave me the privilege of spending time with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups who taught me that everyone has a story that is both unique and universally shared. Everyone has pain in some form and at their core seek real connection.

I first experienced counselling as a client and so I understand that it can be daunting to begin seeing a new counsellor.  I believe that each of my clients is the experts of their own experience and I intend to walk with you on your journey toward healing at a pace that feels safe and right for you. Using an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach as well as CBT techniques, I combine what I’ve learned through professional training in my master’s in counselling psychology program at Adler University, as well as my lived experience to inform the way I work with clients. I believe that our emotions are trying to tell us something and that by learning to listen to them, we can adaptively manage them. Together we can work to explore what that means for you.

When I’m not counselling, I enjoy making s’mores on the campfire, cycling, gardening and spending time with my friends, family and my crazy little cat. I also like to watch live stand-up comedy every chance I can get.

When and why did you join Alongside You?

I joined Alongside you in June of 2018 as my clinical practicum site for my master’s program. Alongside You was my first choice because of its holistic approach to mental health as well as its mission to provide accessible mental health care to everyone who needs it. I also knew as soon as I came to the office and met Andrew, Meg and Anna that Alongside You is an incredibly friendly and welcoming space full of passionate staff and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team.


What is your day-to-day role at Alongside You?

I am currently seeing clients every Wednesday for counselling services. I also receive regular supervision from Andrew in order to best support my clients.


What skills do you need for your role at Alongside You?

Being a skilled and empathic listener are the most important skills in my counselling practice. Listening wholeheartedly from a place of non-judgement and care allows me to really connect with clients and hold space for them on their journey. From this important space of safety, I can then incorporate the important skills I have learned through training and practice in Emotionally Focused Therapy.


What do you love the most about Alongside You?

The people I have met so far and the strong sense of community!


What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

Before embarking on counselling, I was about to enter law school, so maybe I’d be a lawyer. My niece recently told me I should be a dolphin trainer though so maybe I’d take her advice and do that.


How do you relax when you are outside of work?

I try to go to the forest as often as possible but when I can’t get there, my favourite things to do are work on my garden and curl up with my cat and a good book.


What do you consider the most important value? 

For me, I consider humility my most important value. I’ve found that there is so much to be learned from every person I encounter and that the more I learn, the less I realize I know. Staying humble has allowed the world to remain exciting, full of mysteries left to explore. For the same reason, curiosity is also a very important value for me.


What kind of organizations/networks/communities are you connected/associated with?

I’m the student representative for the CCPA from Adler University. I’m also actively involved with the Vancouver Crisis Centre.

Interested in hearing more from Marcia?

You can read her blog posts here.

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