Kelly Williams



Registered Clinical Counsellor


Specialties: Counselling Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

How did Kelly begin the journey?

Kelly joined Alongside You as part of an internship, and she has continued her work here with us as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. In addition to seeing individuals and couples, she also helps run our Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group program.


How can Kelly help YOU?

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from Washington State University, a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Kelly works as a team member with the DBT group at Alongside You. In addition to working with groups, she also enjoys working with individuals and couples. Both roles require one to be present, reflective and open. She thinks of these skills as active pursuits rather than static achievements.


What does Kelly find to be the most rewarding about working at Alongside You?

Kelly appreciates working collaboratively with clients. Having the honour of being invited into their processes of change and growth is the most rewarding part of what she does at Alongside You. For Kelly, meaningful conversations are like nutrition for the spirit, or soul food, if you will. It is within these moments that we get the chance to lay down any armour that we may have been carrying and reveal our true selves to find authentic connection with ourselves and others.


What is Kelly like outside of work?

If Kelly was not in the counselling field, she might have enjoyed being a set decorator, because she loves the details of a story, and how they enhance one’s experience of the moment. Otherwise, professional chocolate taster sounds like a field that she would have thoroughly enjoyed!

When Kelly is not working, she likes to be playing. Her forms of play include watching movies with her family, walking and talking with friends, and yoga.