Kathryn Barczi

Kathryn Barczi


Registered Social Worker

Registered Social Worker


Specialties: The Gottman Institute’s research-based Bringing Baby Home workshops


How did Kathryn begin the journey?

Kathryn joined Alongside You shortly after its doors opened.  Having a young family of her own, and being passionate about her work as a maternity and paediatric social worker, Kathryn wanted to share her love for children and families in a positive and impactful way that would help unify the community of young families.  Teaching the Bringing Baby Home material from the Gottman Institute was the perfect fit!  Now she is a contracted team member of Alongside You and she looks forward to mingling with the community in the near future.


How can Kathryn help you?

Kathryn delivers The Gottman Institute’s research-based Bringing Baby Home workshops for new parents at Alongside You in our Ladner location.


Why is Alongside You different from other agencies in Delta, Surrey or Vancouver?

Kathryn would of course say it’s because of her brother and her sis-in-law.  It’s true, really.  But also, she loves that Alongside You is not a medical-model one-size-fits-all-box.  It’s a clinic that thinks outside of the box, with an authentic desire to meet the needs of each, a beautifully unique individual that walks through its doors.  There is an incredibly positive feel in the clinic, with clinicians who are enthusiastic about their work and clients, and who accept and meet each client right where they are at when they walk through the doors. This is a unique concept in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver regions.


What is Kathryn like outside of work?

If Kathryn wasn’t a social worker, she would live on a farm and own a boarding kennel for dogs.  It would be a kennel-less kennel where the dogs would roam free in the house, and they would all sleep in her bed.  Kathryn would proudly wear the title of ‘crazy dog lady’, and spend her days outdoors, futzing around and being carefree.

Outside of work, Kathryn is a professional napper, in all her spare time as a wife, and working mother of 3 small children.  She loves sports of any kind, being outside, camping, and cuddling with her big Golden-Shepherd.  She loves just being a big kid with her own kids, and laughing is definitely on the top of Kathryn’s list of things that make her relax outside of work.

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