Annie Tsang


Registered Dietitian

Registered Dietitian


Specialties: Cancer Care, Weight Management, Nutrition Support, Disordered Eating

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How did Annie begin the journey?

Annie joined Alongside You in October 2016 with a reputation of being an award winning Registered Dietitian in the Metro Vancouver area. She has been running grocery tours in Ladner and Delta areas for a couple of years.


How can Annie help YOU?

Annie provides nutrition counselling and support for a variety of health conditions and challenges.

Annie has extensive experiences in the area of weight management, nutrition support, cancer care, chronic disease management, irritable bowel syndrome, joint health, gastrointestinal diseases, and emotional and disordered eating. She is currently completing her Master of Science in Dietetics that helps build her knowledge base in the areas of sports nutrition, maternal child health, functional foods, professional food writing, and pediatric nutrition, to name a few. Annie can help you discover how to eat with awareness, manage cravings, love your body and build a peaceful relationship with food.


What is Annie like outside of work?

When she is not working, Annie spends a lot of her time delivering workshops, seminars and grocery tours on nutrition. She also runs a website called Nutrition Well to promote food being the nourishment that drives our emotions, energy, and self-esteem. She likes to dine, winetasting, and stay active outdoors whenever she has a chance.