Nikita Bhatty Avdic

B.Ed., PGD, M.Ed.

Associate, Education Support Specialist

Education Support Specialist


Special Interests: Executive Skills Coaching, Reading Intervention


Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education, University of Saskatchewan
Post Graduate Diploma in Non-Categorical Resource Teaching (Language and Learning Disabilities), University of Saskatchewan
Masters In Applied School Psychology, University of Calgary

Certification & Special Training:

Certified School Psychologist with the BC Association of School Psychologists (BCASP #464)
Teacher, Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB), BC Ministry of Education
Certified Coach: Executive Skills and Executive Skills Deficits
Certified Facilitator, Neufeld Institute
Facilitator, BC Teachers Federation


Clinical Interventions: Academic Skills and Executive Skill Deficits
Parent Consulting – Attachment, Children’s Growth and Development
Professional Development For Teachers, Counsellors and Paraprofessionals – Making Sense of Children’s Behaviours, Executive Functioning


About Nikita

Currently, I am an education support specialist. I have spent the majority of my time in schools working in general and special education. Soon after becoming a teacher, I became interested in working with exceptional children, more specifically those children with developmental difficulties as well as behavioural and learning challenges. I believe that adults hold the key to unlock the potential that lives inside every child. I also believe that every child can succeed and reach their potential with the right kind of help from caring adults.

As an education support specialist, I strive to make sense of children’s learning, using an insights-based approach to inform parents and educators about what is needed. Philosophically, I consider myself a developmentalist at heart. This means that my focus lies on the conditions needed for learning and development to happen.
In terms of my role as a clinical interventionist, over time I have developed a repertoire of instructional strategies that can help children with learning problems overcome academic difficulties. As a certified executive skills coach, I can help tweens and teens learn the important organizational skills (time management, task initiation, emotional regulation, etc.) needed to achieve personal goals in life.

Finally, using the attachment-based developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, I offer workshops and talks for parents designed to return parents to their rightful place as leaders of their children, to help them to develop insights into their child’s needs and to help them make sense of their child’s behaviours.

When and why did you partner with Alongside You?

I heard about the excellent work that was going on at Alongside You through my work with children and families in Delta. When I met Andrew and Meg to learn more about the clinic, I was impressed by their level of commitment to children and families and their deep belief in social justice related to mental health services. I found them to be friendly and warm, inviting and deeply committed. I also appreciated the openness of their practice and the way they have boldly presented support for those struggling with issues that can be difficult to admit. Finally, the therapeutic art component of Meg’s work was what sealed the deal for me, as I believe strongly that the arts serve as an emotional playground for our feelings, a playground that is vital to our emotional health and well-being..


What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

I would be spending my time with children. From a young age, I sought out the company of children that were younger than me. As a child, I was often found playing with and taking care of toddlers and infants. To me, there is something magical and fun about children. They possess sweet wisdom that is a gift to anyone who spends time with them.


How do you relax when you are outside of work?

Outside of work I like to spend time with family and friends, relax in nature and spend time with my rescue dog Mac. I also enjoy reading and cooking and taking in local music and theatre. I spend a good part of my free time volunteering with local organizations that support animal welfare and the natural environment, the arts and families with children.


What do you consider the most important value?

The value that I consider the most important is compassion. I feel that our time on this earth is short and that our main purpose while here is to help those in need. A society that recognizes the needs of its most vulnerable population (it’s children) is principled and just. I am proud to partner with Alongside You to support children and families at a time when emotional well-being must take centre stage for the children in our care. Children are truly our future and when they feel unconditional regard from adults who care for them, they have a much better chance of succeeding and fulfilling their dreams. To be compassionate is to understand the very important role we have in protecting and serving vulnerable populations like our children.