chantelle phillips counselling intern


M.Sci., MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Neurofeedback Practitioner



M.Sci. Natural Sciences (Neuroscience and Psychology, and Medical Physics), University College London
M.A. Counselling Psychology, Adler University


Special Interests

Stress, Anxiety, Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy


Certification and Special Training

Registered Clinical Counsellor (#20350) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)

Collaborative Divorce training (Basic training in the Collaborative Model of Dispute Resolution)


About Nik

A childhood love of science led me to begin a career in neurobiology in England, but I soon realized I am much more passionate about working with and understanding real minds, outside of the laboratory! I returned to my hometown of Vancouver and after some frontline experience supporting vulnerable individuals, I began a degree in counselling psychology at Adler University. I see counselling as a process of self-discovery, a way of gaining exquisite insight regarding ourselves and others. You can expect evidence-based and trauma-informed approaches rooted in empathy and compassion; striving to foster resilience and self-efficacy so that we are better prepared to calmly and confidently confront and overcome life’s challenges.


When and why did Nik join Alongside You?

Alongside You was an easy choice for my practicum placement beginning in September 2020 given its integrated and evidence-based practice, and commitment to addressing gaps in community services. I am excited to be a part of the team as an associate to provide counselling and neurofeedback services to a wide variety of clients.

What would Nik be doing if he did not pursue the career path he has right now?

I have several years of experience supporting people with developmental disabilities, so would most likely remain in that field. I’ve also considered at various points a career in either website development, music, or the study of English literature. I particularly like the creative element of these pursuits, which reminds me to consider the stories in our own lives, and how we might take the pen to write the next chapter ourselves.

How does Nik relax when he is outside of work?

I enjoy playing music, hiking, photography, jogging, and reading. I practice mindfulness meditation daily. I am also a former glider pilot with experience in the UK aviation community. I see many parallels between the process of psychotherapy and the experience of learning to fly — adapting to the terrain and the weather, facing situations of confusion and high workload with the assistance of a skilled co-pilot, and ultimately enjoying the freedom of a clear day with strong lift under your wings.

What does Nik consider to be the most important value?

I cannot choose between two, which I think go hand-in-hand: patience and resiliency. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight, we all have the potential for change, whatever that may look like for each of us.