Neurofeedback Rental Program

Neurofeedback Rental Program

Alongside You offers a comprehensive neurofeedback rental program with options to suit all kinds of needs. Renting a neurofeedback system from us is the most convenient and economical option to do your brain training. With our rental systems, you can train your brain on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

For our rental program, we utilize NeurOptimal® neurofeedback systems as they provide cutting edge neurofeedback technology that is easy to use, and trains your whole brain. Your rental includes the equipment, an orientation session at our Ladner office, and troubleshooting support during your rental period.

Personal Rental

Our personal rental units are great for someone who wants to train frequently, multiple family members, or people for whom travel to our location is not ideal. Personal systems offer the same training outcomes as professional systems.

Professional Rental

Our professional rental units comes with unlimited sessions, so anyone in the family can train without limits on the number of sessions. This system is for personal home use only and may not be used to train professionally or for profit.

Business Rental

Our business rental systems are for commercial use within organizations. If you are looking to improve the health and resilience of your staff, we would love to work with you to implement a neurofeedback station at your workplace. If you’re interested in working with us to implement neurofeedback at your office, please give us a call for options. We will work together to find the best option for you!

Requirements To Rent Our Neurofeedback Systems:

  • a rental application and a signed rental contract
  • a deposit equal to the monthly rental fee for your rental unit
  • an orientation session for 1st time renters at our Ladner office. If we are shipping a rental to you, we will make other arrangements to orient you to the system

Purchasing A System
If you decide to purchase a NeurOptimal® Personal or Professional system after renting from us, please let us know you’re interested. We will gladly help you with your purchase to ensure you receive the best system for you. If you purchase through us, we will refund $200 of your rental fee to you upon confirmation of your purchase.

At this time, we will only ship rental systems within Canada. If you are outside of Canada we will gladly refer you to a colleague who is able to ship to your location. Shipping is via an insured carrier, and shipping costs are at the expense of the renter.


If you are interested in our neurofeedback rental program, take the first step today by sending us an email or giving us a call!
We will get back to you as soon as we can.