chantelle phillips counselling intern



Counselling Intern


Langara College – Associate of Arts Degree
University of British Columbia – Bachelor’s of Arts
Yorkville University – Master’s of Counselling Psychology (Pending)


Certification and Special Training:

DBT Skills Training
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certification


Special Interests

Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Twinship Issues, Identity formation.


About Nadine

My journey to become a counsellor started soon after I gave birth to my first born son while living in New Zealand. I came to understand how drawn I was to listening and bearing witness to those who are suffering. I have long loved learning about the human mind and studying psychology is a life long venture for me. Having gone through significant traumas early in life, and finding healing in my own therapy journey, I became convinced that with the right supports, amazing change and growth is possible even in the most unfortunate circumstances.

Taking a person centred approach, it’s my hope that with my skill set and your courage, we can find the right path to healing and overcome life’s obstacles and entrapments together. My life’s mantra is closely associated with the well known quote by Ralph Emerson “What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. I truly believe in the incredible ability that each has within us to find healing and growth. Sometimes however, we need help and someone else to shine a little light into the darkness of life, and help us to make better sense of ourselves. Through compassion, understanding, and the ability to be seen and heard, positive changes are made possible.


What would Nadine be doing if she did not pursue the career path she has right now?

In another life, I can see myself being a beach lifeguard in southern California. I have an incredible love and passion for the ocean, surfing, swimming, and being in water more generally.

How does Nadine relax when she is outside of work?

Outside of work, you can find me running with my Labrador retriever, taking my kiddos to and from sports, hanging out with my big, loud family, or camping and exploring.

What does Nadine consider to be the most important value?

My most treasured values include kindness, determination, and compassion. Compassion towards oneself and compassion towards others is a guiding value for my work as a therapist.


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