Jonathan Hers



Counselling Intern


Masters of Counselling Psychology – Yorkville University (Pending)
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies – Columbia Bible College


Special Interests

Depression, anxiety addictions, grief/loss, immigration, relational conflicts, self-harm, suicidality.


Certificates and Special Training

Certificate from LIFETEAMS (School of Youth Work)
DBT Skills with Marsha Linehan (Behavioural Tech)


About Jonathan

How rare is it for someone to give you their full attention? Presence, attention, and non-judgmental concern – these have been gifted to me throughout my life and have allowed me to mature as an individual, manage life’s disappointments, and navigate the intricacies of giving and receiving love.

I credit my success in these areas of my life (the best parts) to wise mentors and counsellors who have given me the time I needed to think critically, asked the hard questions that other people weren’t asking, been safe enough for me to be honest about my life, and encouraged me when I really needed it.

This is why I became a therapist: to be with people and offer the attention that is needed to understand ourselves, those around us, and to navigate our way forward to health and healing.

I am currently finishing my masters in counselling psychology and I have absolutely loved getting to dive deep into the psychological literature, and now am thrilled to join the lovely team at Alongside You as an intern.


When and why did Jonathan join Alongside You?

I started hearing about Alongside You from multiple sources around 3 years ago. I was blown away at the genuine compassion and concern held by the staff and the practical service that Alongside You has provided to their community. I thought, “if I ever get to work here, I will have scored big!” Now look at me, I ended up scoring big!

How do you relax when you are outside of work?

I love reading books. My ongoing goal in life is to get as many books as possible. I am often reading 4 or 5 at one time. Some areas of interest for me are: psychology, spirituality, and personal growth.

What would you be doing if you did not pursue the career path you have right now?

I would be an event planner. I got married on an island and had to coordinate many moving pieces to make that big event happen. And I loved it. I loved organizing all the little and big details and making the event a success.

What do you consider the most important value?

I love the legend Judith Herman, in her book Trauma and Recovery, when she writes, “the fundamental premise of the psychotherapeutic work is a belief in the restorative power of truth-telling.” The values of honesty and integrity are guiding forces for me.