John Bablitz


Registered Clinical Counsellor

Registered Clinical Counsellor


Special Interests: Working with young children and teenagers, Couples therapy, Collaborative Divorce Coaching, Addictions and treatment, trauma informed therapy, Chronic illness, anxiety, Mindfulness-based interventions



B.A. Psychology, University of British Columbia
M.A. MFT, Trinity Western University


Advanced Training:

Satir Institute Level I Certification
Neufeld Institute Level l Certification
VCFI –  Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy Level I
Registered Clinical Counsellor, BCACC
Collaborative Divorce Coach Training, BC Collaborative Roster Society

About John

Like most people, John has a less than perfect life. When his older sister went through counselling training, the positive impact on his family motivated him to pursue a similar path, and he is really glad he did. John’s goal when working with clients is to develop a positive relationship that empowers clients to be themselves and have a relationship with themselves that appreciates their inner strengths and weaknesses. John has spent more hours of his life than he cares to admit with kids (in settings like summer camps, daycares, churches, therapy and uncledom), but he has also worked in addictions, with couples in various settings, and with adults on issues like anxiety, depression, and chronic illness.

John employs a variety of modalities in his work. Mainly, he prefers to work in the room in the moment with what the client is bringing in, but he also uses the principles of emotionally focussed therapy in work with couples, cognitive behavioural therapy, and internal family systems techniques when appropriate. John’s training is in family systems therapy, which understands that we exist in the context of our family and close relationships past and present, and not in a vacuum.

What would John be doing if he did not pursue the career path he has right now?

If I could do anything, I think it would be cool to become really good at one hyper-specialized thing. I’m always impressed by people who discover how to do something like roast coffee in a new way, for example (even if that new way is weirdly specific, and declares that if you’re drinking anything else, you’re slowly poisoning yourself).

In seriousness, I would love to start a business with a close friend someday, doing something I’m good at and interested in that makes a positive impact somehow.


How does John relax when he is outside of work?

I love to play sports, read, hike, cycle and spend time with my family and friends (but especially my nieces and nephews). We also love board games.


What does John consider the most important value? 

I’m not sure I would be bold enough to put any value on that kind of pedestal, but honesty, forgiveness, grace, and humility are ones that speak to me and ones that I struggle with often.

Interested in hearing more from John?

You can read his blog posts here.

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