Emily Thomsen

Emily Thomsen

Senior Registered Clinical Counsellor


Senior Registered Clinical Counsellor


Special Interests:

Child and youth mental health, ADHD, general and social anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, communication, social cruelty and bullying.



Bachelor of Arts – University of Victoria

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology – Yorkville University

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Art Therapy – British Columbia School of Art Therapy


Certification and Special Training:

EMDR Training Personal – Transformation Institute

Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindful Educator Essentials – Mindful Schools

ADD Coach Training Program Certification- ADD Coach Academy

Ph.D.. Program in Clinical Psychology DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies-Coursework for Doctorate)- Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

Counsellor for PEACE Diploma – Society of B.C./Yukon Society Transition House



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Art Therapy, Mindfulness Based Approaches


About Emily

My journey began growing up in a family where compassion for others was a core value. It came naturally to me and was something that felt ingrained. My initial struggle was choosing what path to take when searching for a career. I found my passion when I discovered art therapy. I was excited about supporting clients with a creative process that allowed for expression and healing, that for many reasons might have been difficult to articulate in words. I continued on to complete a graduate degree in art therapy and counselling psychology. Over the past 25 years I have worked in a variety of mental health settings: an eating disorder clinic, government assisted programs with women, children and youth that have experienced violence, the education system, and private practice. I am a client-centered counsellor and like to use an integrative approach, pulling from different counselling theories to best support the unique needs of the client. The focus in my sessions is based on understanding the particular challenges of each individual, where their strengths lie, resolving inner distress, transforming thought and perceptions, enhancing body awareness, and creating goals. I try my best to provide an empathic and gentle stance towards a collaborative relationship, and with guidance hope to give clients opportunities to illuminate healing, deeper understanding and personal growth.

What would Emily be doing if she did not pursue the career path she has right now?

As I child my dream was to be the next Jane Goodall. It wasn’t just about being a primatologist; it was about being like her. Not only was it the impression she gave me of her calm, confident and caring presence but her continued dedication to animal protection, conservancy, and environmental education.


How does Emily relax when she is outside of work?

I love anything associated with food. Whether that is finding or creating new recipes, cooking up a storm, or trying out innovative restaurants. Being outdoors in nature energizes and calms me at the same time, and I particularly like any activity in the mountains. I am a curious person and that leads me to want to explore through travel, read about and learn unfamiliar things, or have novel experiences. I also enjoy spending time with those who make me laugh – whether that be with my son, two dogs and cat, family or friends.


What does Emily consider the most important value?

At this point in my life courage seems to be the one that rings out loudest. Courage is about facing fear and stepping outside of your comfort zone, and healing and growth can’t be done without it. The other two that fought in my mind for the most important values were authenticity and integrity. I feel that acting in accordance with your beliefs and living and speaking your truth without fear of criticism or judgement takes courage. One cannot be done without the other.

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