David Ross Registered Clinical Counsellor

David Ross


Associate, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Special Interests

Trauma, Anxiety, Anger Management, Children and Teens, Teen Defiance (at school or with parents), Communication/Relationship Issues, Life/Career Choices.



Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Education, University of British Columbia (UBC)
Diploma in Special Education, University of British Columbia (UBC)
Master of Counselling Psychology (MA), Yorkville University


About David

Being a counsellor is something I always wanted – but took me many years to realize. It’s what I feel I was meant to do, and love. Going back to university at 33 made me appreciate education, as did spending three years in the Arctic; and having worked in many fields throughout my life such as education (teacher and counsellor), parent-teen mediation, construction, restaurants, warehousing, fruit farming, cab driving and more made me appreciate working hard for a living. But I am very curious about people; my question, really is, “What do YOU want?” – as that’s the question that influenced my life. I feel we all can be happy and fulfilled; it’s a matter of being clear on what we want and having the ability and desire to communicate in a positive manner, that can make it happen. Lastly – having someone to talk to about your hopes and dreams can help; we all need it.


When and why did you join Alongside You?

I joined Alongside You in February of 2021, as I was very impressed with the attitude and vision of both Andrew and Meg Neufeld, as well as the wide and helpful range of services they offered to the community. Although still working part-time as a school counsellor, I was motivated to contribute and work with this excellent team.


What would David be doing if she did not pursue the career path he has right now?

After many jobs and experiences in my life, I would also loved to have been a travel photographer, exploring different cultures, or else woodworking, a profession I’ve always admired.


How does David relax when she is outside of work?

I play bass guitar with friends in a fun, recreational band, and also do portrait photography. During non-Covid times, I work out, play lots of hockey (after being raised in the prairies), baseball and enjoy getting out in nature.


What do you consider the most important value?

The most important value, for me, simply is honesty. I think when we can speak our minds, in a direct and respectful way, we can change our own lives, fix our relationships, feel good about ourselves and create a good life for ourselves and those around us.


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